Monday, 25 May 2009


So yes, busy busy busy. So many things to do, all mostly to do with the day job. But now, aha! Some progress, a trip to the pub yesterday was pretty fruitful. Well I say that, fruit coming in the form of pear cider mainly. Not a bad place to sit and potter, only problem is the fact it was a bank holiday weekend it turned out very noisey towards the end. I think I was there from just before 5 to gone midnight. Not drawing the whole time but a lot of it. Alas concentration wained here and there so good job I had my rubber with me. And as yet I haven't looked at what I had done. Mainly shading a half finished sketch of the final thing.

Things to add:

- Man that turns world on in car
- Dragons tail + claws
- Aeroplane
- Giant's pants and socks strewn about

some of these bits will be drawn seperately and then comped in later in photoshop some will be added to the drawing with a bit of rubbing out. Getting there, hopefully a final update for this one next week...

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Yes well, now then, I have worked a much more detailed rough together to use for the final piece of artwork [which I think I'm going to work on at a smaller scale, ie. not two A3s stuck together [some of you might call that A2] but just A3 size, see how I get on] but alas overtime and tiling and grouting and sleeping and not drawing whatsoeversohelpmegod has got in the way. I know I'm naughty, there's no need to rub it in. Back shortly, honest!