Monday, 15 June 2009


Three posts in one day, ARE YOU MAD? Possibly. Aren't you? This is a drawing I had done quite a while ago, well two drawings, one of the room and one of toby in it. I really like this drawing because I had the idea of Toby hanging out of the window to sniff the air being across two pages suddenly one day. So the detailed existing full colour room is on one page with Toby's feet in it, and the other page is just white, with Toby's head in it sniffing. Simple but effective I think. Anyway, I had thought this was done, but found it in a pile of 'TO BE SHADED' drawings. So in the nice dazzling sunshine on Sunday I ventured outside and shaded it in. I couldn't see a damned thing faced with a near white page in 84 degrees of sunshine. But I soldiered on and got it done. Got a nice tan too, so now I'm slightly shaded in too.

I've just noticed I haven't filled the picture in over Toby's bed. I think I have a drawing for it [a train I think?] so that will have to get sorted sometime soon!

As ever click on the image to see it larger.


I don't know if I'm tempting fate but, when making the title for this particular post I created 5, 6 and 7 as well just to save time. Hmm... was that foolish? Only time will tell as the singer in this clip once said:

As you will recall I had a few bits to add to the illustrator which is almost at the end of 'The Day the World Turned White'. A dragon swooping through the sky and the actual man who turns the world on every day. Unfortunately the dragon doesn't fit as it is into the illustration, and other things prevent me from finishing it off proper like. So I've posted the dragon and the man anyway. The man works, more or less, well as well as he needs to for a rough of the illustration, but the dragon as yet remains unsolved. Not far to go I don't think. I think I might only of needed to create part 5.


Yes that does say what you think it says. Some of you [male] will weep openly. Some of you [female] will say 'What is it?'. Some of you [female] will tut openly. I know, am I showing dedication or what? I found myself giving myself treats of games of Call Of Duty well in advance of actually earning them. My productivity has risen by well, quite a bit. Not getting anything done? Constantly thinking of the best place to put a claymore and perfected cooking a grenade to within nano seconds, but have not progressed anywhere near as much as you should have with your personal projects and goals? Have no personal projects or goals? Maybe you should do the same. I will reinstall. But for now, RIP Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer. You shall be missed.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

POOR MAN 3 [almost there]

Yes I know I've been a very lazy boy. Well kind of. Gradually pieceing together this tricky illustration. I managed to get the basic layout right quite a while back but then have been hung up on details. I've gradually created extra bits to go on the main bit you saw before. Lots of bits. Two top illustrations show the bits on their own. The ALMOST THERE illustration at the bottom shows the bits added and shading here and there to make bits stand out which otherwise would be much more obvious in colour.

Of course there are still two things missing! The actual man who turns the world on in the morning, and also the tail/body of the dragon who has dropped the egg. There will probably be some tweaks to shading here and there but not many as this is supposed to only be a rough! As ever click on the images to see them bigger!