Thursday, 23 July 2009

Well here we go, at long last the MWTTWO's desk is all done. Several lunchtimes of sketching and shading. The wallpaper is made in photoshop using a pattern I drew from a 70s wallpaper. Just seems right he would have a dated jumbled room. Of course when I came to fit the pic in the mock book layouts so far it didn't fit properly. No surprise there, but then I scaled it up and it looked better. Only problem being there's no where to put the text now. Argh. And not only that but a lot of illustrations I've done so far have funny white blocks on them and look a bit weird levels wise, annoying. Some tweaking in the future before they get sent off for sure! Right I'm waffling, and its late. Goodnight.

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Thursday, 16 July 2009

I've been merrily beavering away this week drawing each lunchtime at work. I make sure I have my full hour and also make sure its productive. Why is it that within an hour of getting to work I feel the only thing I want to do is drawing for my books. And when I get home at night it seems like the last thing I might want to do. Well almost, there is some painting to do. Even when I have a long undisturbed weekend I still managed to procrastinate myself into a corner and can't escape. Ho hum. Anyway, lunchtime drawing is actually great. I love it. Break from moving a mouse several inches north, south, east and west. And it gets my books closer to completion. Since the last few posts I've been tackling the subject of the title. We need to see the empty office of the man who... blah blah so I have done some rough sketches of what I wanted it to look like and started to draw it up. I could see it in my mind straight away, so there was no arguing with myself. Just straight to it, the only thing that needs decisions is items and clutter in the office.

I must remember that I wanted to draw a nice seventies style wallpaper in the background. Also, you see there's an empty shelf on the right hand side. What do you think should go on there? Any suggestions email me or message via facebook.

Anyway, sketches and drawing so far below, excuse being able to see through the rough onto the rough rough. Does that make sense?

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Sunday, 12 July 2009


Blogger is annoying me. Each time I upload an image it represents it in this editing window as a bunch of code! Oh, ah, actually I just see why. DOH! Thats better now I can see whats going on and alter my text sizes and everything. So anyway, this is I guess I'm going to say the finished man who turns the world on in the morning illustration. I drew a larger dragon who just got in the way, and this one, well I don't really know where it should go, I never drew it specifically to go anywhere, but it will stay there think for now. I don't think its going to be a deal breaker for an agent or publisher, at least I hope not. So there she shall stay. I'm fairly happy with it, I don't think its as animated as I would like, the feeling of peril isn't too high for the guy in the car even though when you look he's just avoided driving into a dragon's egg after having to plough through very deep snow and then lean out of his car window to actually see where he's going because of exploding marshmallows on his windscreen and we also see he has a giant's pants to avoid as well. Tough going really, and you thought the M25 was bad in the mornings. I don't think the feeling of peril is strong even though in words it sounds pretty bad. Again, its not something that would necessarily be a deal breaker I hope, things can be changed, tweaked. And in any case, its not a pivotal part of the story at all. Right, giant's hanging out washing and empty desks to draw. And I think, crossed fingers thats pretty much white day sorted. I hope so!


Wow. Another post! I know. Wait two weeks and then suddenly.. yadda yadda, you know the rest. Anyway, this is one of the last drawings at the end of the book where toby is very happy with himself. He worked out why the world was white at 4am. Its missing his cat curled up next to him on the rug.

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What the heck is wrong with blogger today? I know I haven't posted for about two weeks, but come on! Anyway, you didn't come here for a rant did you. No, you didn't. An upload for the first time in two weeks... I know, lazy! Well not lazy but other things have got in the way [as well as laziness]. This pic has been drawn for a while but I had some shading to do to bring it up to the other roughs. ie. not as rough as it was. Anyway, jeffrey the cat is creeping up the stairs and where as most kids might be scared of the creeks, toby knows its jeffrey. Not a lot more to say about this one, and there are plenty more to come!

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