Monday, 15 February 2010


Well here we are. This is more like it isn't it? I won't write much. Basically here is Coolio and the Moose to date. Small thumbnails so you can see it is progressing. Just not very quick right now. And also as a special treat there is Morph [or Mess] so far with one of my cats Sugar in the background wondering what I'm doing and expecting some kind of explanation.

Click either pic to make them bigger


Well its been a fair while since I tapped away some drivel about something that I'm showing you. There are many reasons for this, which is bad I know.

The first thing it says in the article 'how to get a good following for your blog' is write blog entries. A simple one I grant you, but no one likes to check a blog out every day and find there is nothing new to read, see, explore. Shame on me. There are other things about writing interesting things, putting up interesting points of view, and showing the world something amazing and vibrant and special. I seem to have failed slightly on most of these things but failed properly and against my will on the regular updates. I can't even show you a creative side line project I've done/started/completed either, because the last Christmas present from last year which was creative that I have to make is a 'make your own Morph' which as you can imagine is a splendid thing, but once half way through making my own Morph [or my own Mess] I realised I've tried to make Morphs several times through my life. When I was young and watched him religiously every week. I didn't do very well then either. And once when I was an animation student. This also didn't go very well, but then I made my own character out of the Mess. Anyway, my Morph is still a bit of a Mess so I didn't think showing it would be a good idea. Much more smoothing down and shifting of weight. Peter Lord does a short piece to camera telling us how to make Morph after he tells us he's been making Morph for about 80 years or something. ie. he's got it down pretty good now. Then the footage speeds up and we're supposed to be able to keep up! THEN it dissolves through into making the hands and you realise the Morph he has in his hands is one he made much earlier. About thirty minutes earlier but only 23 seconds have passed. Swines. I digress.

Actually I don't. I just wanted to break in here and scrawl something out. Make a noise, have a little dust. Build up to some posts. I guess I could shove what I have to date on Coolio and the Moose but its not very much. It retracing what I've done already but actually making shapes that make sense, and not general scribbles that are shorthands for detail and form and storytelling. If this is your first time to my blog then I am SO SORRY that this is the first thing you read. No doubt it will get deleted when I have something worthwhile on here. Actually damn it all to hell. Where my camera, where are my drawings, where is Morph. Lets make a damned post shall we! YEH! and this one will have a title!