Saturday, 12 June 2010


Well now. I haven't just been twiddling my thumbs you know. Well I have, but only while looking out into the world and thinking of what to have for dinner. I've followed the course of my last two books originally thinking what order things would go in, and splitting text accordingly. Then making a dummy book in illustrator so I can see every page, and add roughs as I go along. I can also input the text on each page and it gives you an understanding of how it flows and whether I can chop text out or alter illustrations. It's worked a treat so far so why change now? SO below is an overview of Coolio so far, with all my rough scribblins plonked in. It's already thrown up oodles of problems and I have no idea of the answer to them at the moment. It has made me realise I want to mostly hand draw the text to blend it more into the drawings. Also I had originally thought this would be created on the computer after I had worked out layout in pencil/pen but I am really liking some of my drawings with my rotring art pen so maybe I'll stick to that. It does look a bit Quentin Blake though so maybe I won't!

click and it will get bigger [matron]