Saturday, 5 December 2015

Oh by gosh by golly

Well it's been a while (4 years and 9 months to be precise) since I last posted on here and the last one was when we were travelling which is nearly 5 years ago! ARGHH! Me, productive? No, obviously not. Since that last post we returned from travelling, moved into the in-laws house in Wales for a year (yes I have in-laws now!), got married, moved back to my old stomping ground Norwich, set up a business, set up another business, and I'm soon to start my 5th year freelancing. In the mean time I HAVE been working on my kids books. I know, what a shock eh? The mock up books for two of them are done (White Day + Sidney is Orange) with many changes on the way and today, TODAY I'm about to start work on one of two finished bits of work for Sidney is Orange. I'll post the results when I finish them ('if' I hear you cry) and we can all have a good cheer and splash champagne about with gay abandon. Huzzah!