Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Not a new post about spanking, in case you read that too quickly.

Huzzah! I've pulled my finger out, given myself a kick up the jacuzzi and blown the cobwebs off my blog. About time too. Hopefully this will be the first of many more [many more blog entries saying how I've updated at last and blown cobwebs off no doubt]. Anyway it better be or I'll give myself a good talking to and I wouldn't want to do that because, A. I don't like telling people off and B. I don't like being told off.

Well in all the time its been since I updated last I haven't just been laying about you know. No. I have been drawing, but they never seemed worth while to actually post. However they are very useful drawings. My character [moose] has changed quite a bit since the last post. I also have struggled a lot with how a moose looks like a moose without antlers and also viewed from the very front. So that was one of the reasons I changed the design. I still have those same problems, but i like the style I've gone for. It feels right now for the story. Which is silly, a little bit fringed with madness, but nice and sunny and fun. Here are a selection of my exploring/working drawings. And if this is your first time here, have a rummage about and look at some older posts! Or maybe even the very first post!

As always, click on a pic to make it bigger