Wednesday, 28 July 2010


At long last managed to update. Last night I got all creative [about time] and with the aid of my wacom [graphics tablet] set about having a go at 'colouring in' . I bought the wacom with the idea of trying out some styles for my finished artwork for the 3 books. It was great, really had some fun splodging about [digitally]. Below are the few stages I've got to so far of colouring in the Charlie and the Choc factory cover I drew a while back. I've gone for a painty, splodgy style for this one and will no doubt try out some other styles on the Charlie cover. I'll post those up here as well as the final artwork, or further stages of this version. Also I've been adding arms and legs to my E4 granny characters. Coolio and the Moose remains in limbo unfortunately. I will pick it back up again soon but for now, its on hold!

Also using blogger draft at the moment which promised to be easier to use. Its flippin worse! Awful picture uploading, really bad blog construction tools [ie. where to put stuff, and then how to add more text but somewhere else], ugh. Only good thing about it is real previews with out posting.

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