Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Ah well. A long time between posts and when one does come along it has nothing to do with the 3 books at all. My tour of the world is hurtling towards me and understandably there are oodles of things to sort out with that before we go. So the books unfortunately have taken a back seat. Which is a great shame because I wanted to have them done before I go. However my showreel, portfolio site are high up the list to be done before I go so I have nothing to worry about when I come back for getting back into working for a living. So where does that leave the kids books? Unfinished is a quick a simple answer to that. How far have you got with them though, are they close to being finished? Well, Sidney is Orange is so very close to being finished as a rough book I can sniff it. Then I would be looking to create 3 or so full colour finished pages. White Day is very very close too, and again, 3 or so full colour illustrations would be needed for that. Coolio is another story. Obviously. Its all a bit up in the air, undecided of style, layout, way of telling the story as well. A lot of work is done towards it though, so I would say I am kind of half way through. And again, 3 or so full colour illustrations for that would be needed. So quite a lot of work, and only 4 weeks left before we're due to leave. But that might and no doubt will change. So why not finish the close to being finished two and leave the other one till you get back? Well, because I just never imagined compromising, and if a thing is worth doing, its worth doing well, and the way you want to do it I say. And in this case it will be. Even if it means leaving it for a year. And, who keeps asking these questions? Erm...

Anyway, since I am creating work for my website/showreel/portfolio, the kids books will be in there, and I will need to get them to a certain level to include. So work will commence in some way on them soon I hope. I'm working on my showreel right now, and thought I would put up a bit of work I've been doing for an animation, kind of created a southern hic/gangster person who just happens to be a skull and crossbones. Not sure what he's going to do yet, but thought a before and after might be nice :O)

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