Sunday, 12 July 2009


Blogger is annoying me. Each time I upload an image it represents it in this editing window as a bunch of code! Oh, ah, actually I just see why. DOH! Thats better now I can see whats going on and alter my text sizes and everything. So anyway, this is I guess I'm going to say the finished man who turns the world on in the morning illustration. I drew a larger dragon who just got in the way, and this one, well I don't really know where it should go, I never drew it specifically to go anywhere, but it will stay there think for now. I don't think its going to be a deal breaker for an agent or publisher, at least I hope not. So there she shall stay. I'm fairly happy with it, I don't think its as animated as I would like, the feeling of peril isn't too high for the guy in the car even though when you look he's just avoided driving into a dragon's egg after having to plough through very deep snow and then lean out of his car window to actually see where he's going because of exploding marshmallows on his windscreen and we also see he has a giant's pants to avoid as well. Tough going really, and you thought the M25 was bad in the mornings. I don't think the feeling of peril is strong even though in words it sounds pretty bad. Again, its not something that would necessarily be a deal breaker I hope, things can be changed, tweaked. And in any case, its not a pivotal part of the story at all. Right, giant's hanging out washing and empty desks to draw. And I think, crossed fingers thats pretty much white day sorted. I hope so!

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