Thursday, 23 July 2009

Well here we go, at long last the MWTTWO's desk is all done. Several lunchtimes of sketching and shading. The wallpaper is made in photoshop using a pattern I drew from a 70s wallpaper. Just seems right he would have a dated jumbled room. Of course when I came to fit the pic in the mock book layouts so far it didn't fit properly. No surprise there, but then I scaled it up and it looked better. Only problem being there's no where to put the text now. Argh. And not only that but a lot of illustrations I've done so far have funny white blocks on them and look a bit weird levels wise, annoying. Some tweaking in the future before they get sent off for sure! Right I'm waffling, and its late. Goodnight.

to see the picture larger, give it a click!

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