Sunday, 6 September 2009


Well, I know I haven't posted anything recently, but there is a good reason why I haven't. I ain't done nothing! Well I have, but daytime work is a bit stressful at the mo, and night time has night time work as well which is also stressful. So the giant will have to wait just a little longer to have his washing hung out [oooh but it might smell!] so he might need to wash it again and then hang it up. I did mention to him that he needs to get a tumble dryer but he said he had lent it to Edgar the Moose who was trying to get his antlers dry quickly before his ma and pa come home. An in joke that I don't think even I get. Anyway, enough rambling I'm only trying to put off even longer the work i have to do, its a sunday at 11.30 and i've already been at it an hour and a half! BOOOOOOOOOOO....

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