Saturday, 22 August 2009


Over the past I don't know how long I've been having a quick think on paper about the giant and his pants. Take that statement as you like, but what it means is, I've been trying to think of how it would look several times over a longish period of time. Most of the sketches looking back are quite similar, because I see a vague bit of something in my mind's eye, but it won't quite gel right on paper. Here are most of the sketches shoved together so you can see. The image marked with a grey dot is the rough which finally made me go AHA! And the green dotted image is the start of the final illustration which i shall hopefully show building up over time. Notice the freaky sketch of a stumpy creature on the right of the middle top image? Well I decided that maybe the giant wouldn't be a normally proportioned man after all, but maybe more like the hunchback of notre dame, or a big shoulder brut. I decided against that about one second after making that appalling sketch. :OP

click on the image to make it bigger

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