Thursday, 19 February 2009


Here you are stop your moaning. Below are extracts from each
of the three books to give you a slight flavour of what they're like.


The Day the World Turned White [an extract]

Toby wasn’t scared of anything.

Not GHOULS, Not GOBLINS, Not even things that go
BUMP IN THE NIGHT [because that was usually his cat Jeffrey
knocking things over].
Toby wasn’t scared of anything because
he knew that every bump in the night, or creak on the stairs
could be explained. It was never anything scary, but usually
something very non-scary, like Jeffrey.

So Toby wasn’t scared when he woke up suddenly at four
o’clock in the morning, a time he’d never been awake at before.
'I wonder what the world looks like at 4 o’clock in the morning?'
thought Toby. He decided to take a peek out of the curtains.

Toby’s eyes widened in shock at what he saw!

Was it a GHOUL or a GOBLIN?!

No, there was nothing there at all.

No garden. No sky. No sun or moon. No greenhouse.
No gnomes. No slide or swings.



Sidney is Orange
[an extract]

Sidney is orange. Not AN orange you understand, but the colour
orange. He's been orange all his life. But he didn't want to be
orange any more.Not since he'd decided to become blue.

'No one likes orange any more', said Sidney to himself. 'Sharp clawed
crabs are orange, and traffic cones. No one likes traffic cones, they
get in the way. I want to be blue, like the sea. People like swimming
in the sea, and paddling. So I want to be blue, because everyone
likes blue.'

So Sidney went away for a day, and when he came back
he was blue. He was very pleased. He trotted around all day
smiling about being blue, and everyone smiled back. But the next
day Sidney wasn't smiling any more because he was sad.

'No one likes blue', he said. 'Blue is the colour of rain and sharks.
Who wants to be the colour of a shark? I think I should be green.
Grass is green and people like to play on grass. So I want to be
green, everyone likes green.'

First ever bit of work I created for Sidney is orange is this mock up double page spread.The final one will differ slightly from this, but the style is more or less intact all these years later!


Coolio and the Moose
[an extract]

Coolio is a little girl who is as normal as you or I, apart from
two little things. She likes to eat custard and peas, and her best
friend is a Moose. He's not any old Moose either, he's
Edgar the Moose.

Coolio thinks Edgar is great even though he's not keen on peas.
Or custard. And especially them both at the same time.
Coolio and Edgar have so much fun together they never want the

day to end. They go to the park, run, skip, laugh, play with
their kites, and lay looking at clouds and imaging them to
be many funny, silly and ridiculous things.

One day
Coolio and Edgar were painting pictures at Coolio's house.

They were having enormous fun with all the colours of paint.

But then suddenly Edgar tripped over his own hoof and his
left antler dipped in the red paint! Then he tripped again and stuck his right
antler in the blue paint!

'Oh no!' He cried. 'I better wash this paint off before Mummy and
Daddy see it!' So he scrubbed them, rinsed them, and rung them out as
hard as he could before popping them in the tumble dryer.

Then when the dryer went PING he opened the door and got them out.
'Oh no! They've shrunk', he cried.

'What am I going to do?' shrieked Edgar.
'I don't know', said Coolio, 'will your parents be cross?'
'Probably! But I don't want to find out', whimpered Edgar nervou
'Then we better find you something to replace them with before they see',
said Coolio and grabbed Edgar's hoof and marched him off into the garden...

Detail of layout plans for Coolio and the Moose.
Amazing how difficult it is working out how to split
the text and how many pages its going to take.
Why did I ever think it was going to be easy?

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