Sunday, 22 February 2009


I decided to illustrate Sidney is Orange first. I knew that I wanted to created a bright, colourful book since it's all about colour. I want bold and painty. But all of those finished paintings will need to come from drawings, and the more detail I can get on them the easier the final paintings will be to do. However I didn't realise I was going to get so carried away and put so much detail in as I did. I couldn't stop! So I decided to work through the double page spreads which all have a structure the same as this. Where by one side is one colour, and the other is another.

I saw this drawing in my head and put pencil to paper and here it is. There were a few bits I had to scrub out, mainly round where the Dragon is sitting.

click on the image to see the large version

You might notice that there are quite a few elements in the drawing which don't make sense as yet, like custard and the sun, snot dribbling out of the Dragon's nose, flames, smoke trails and a small smudgy shape in the distance. Well if you see/read the book + see some later pictures you'll get the idea. None of it is crucial to the story though it's just nice detail that hopefully some people will see and get an extra angle on the book from. What angle that is I don't know. Am I rambling for the sake of something to say? Yes, yes you are. Oh, sorry about that.

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