Thursday, 1 October 2009


Oooooh you lucky squirrels! Not only do you get an update, but soon you will have oddles of updates all back to back so quick you'll not know what to do with them. Read them I hope although I won't be doing much writing to accompony them. I remember back in the dark past I said to you, GOD IS GREAT, GOD IS... oh sorry got my manuscripts mixed up there. Back in the past, possibly back in PAST TIMES the shop, I told you I would show you a drawing which would have lots of prep involved and then I went and mislaid it. Anyway, I've found it! It's taken me since March of this year to do it [I don't mean I've been ferreting about in cupboards for the last 8 months] but amazingly those drawings and quite a few others turned up. Huzzaaah!

So as a quick appetizer to the ones that will follow here are some of the early paint splodges and scribbles for the stories main character, little Sidney. As ever, click on the pic to see a bigger version!

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