Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Yes well, exploding marshmallows. What can I say? They speak for themselves really. This illustration was pretty straight forward in my head, a marshmallow factory explodes covering Toby's house in marshmallow. Simple huh? So I had a scoot about for the factory, I was thinking a combination of Willy Wonka's and the Rowntree Macintosh factory I grew up going past all the time up in York. Even though a couple of the
images to the left are actually a little bit naff they still triggered something in my head to use them as reference.

Again I used my maquette to get the angle right. Below that you see the first quick rough sketch, similar to the way I went about the second version of the snow scene. However I suffered again at the hands of a boring angle brought on by just not getting it right at the maquette stage. I even wrote on that first sketch boring angle. So god knows why I then went on to draw it up proper!

So I scrapped it and went back to the drawing board as they say. Well it was true. Another angle was found and I went for it. The subsequent pictures are the house and surroundings, then an overlay I created of all the marshmallow action, then this was scanned and taken into photoshop and I whitened the areas that were marshmallow. Put the two elements together and there you have it, a finished rough of the marshmallow factory explosion scene DONE.

click image to see a bigger one

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