Saturday, 18 April 2009


Well ok maybe that's a bit over the top and dramatic. Maybe it isn't. Below are 3 sets of images, collections of the initial first sketches and then the second round sketches and then the final tidied up and cleaned up finals to make their way into the mock up book. Look at the original 'Designing Toby' post to see him in his earliest stages:

There were all kinds of problems along the way some major most tiny and all forgotten now. I endured a lengthy photo session in my living room where I dressed in stripey colgate PJs enacted all the situations and facial expressions Toby went through. Much to the amusement of Rhian I hasten to add. My pleas of it's all for art were falling on deaf ears as I clambered behind the TV [the only thing high enough to be used as a window ledge in Toby's bedroom] and stubbed my toes on scart leads and adaptors. Ah well. Those pictures you won't be seeing!

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