Saturday, 18 April 2009


There are about 6 more illustrations to be created for 'White Day' which I've started to think about and make loose sketches towards, they are much more current where as much of what you have seen to date has been created over quite a bit of time. I have actually caught up, and this is where the fun/work starts. Creating the out standing drawings for 'White Day' and then moving on to 'Coolio and the Moose'. So things will probably slow down but thicken up as there is more stuff added as and when. So more sketches, more work in progress, just more. Hopefully! 'Coolio and the Moose' is actually quite heavily planned out which is nice and is going to be much more free to do. There are no repetitive locations, no planning of 'place'. The two characters are already designed. So it should be a breeze! Haha. Yes well, cough cough. With 6 roughs to do, tidying up and all the books, one book to totally draw and then possibly up to 9 finished illustrations to do I have quite a lot of work to cram in to however many days it is now till my deadline. Not to mention all the typography and final tarting about with the mock books. Yikes. Enough, I have to get on!

Maybe one game of Call of Duty before then...

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