Monday, 27 April 2009


Poor old fella, just trying to get into work and the entire contents of a child's imagination is being hurled and unleashed at you. Well that's what I'm trying to represent with this illustration anyway.

The strip of pictures shows my rough sketches working up into the startings of a finished drawing, then applying the brakes to get more roughs done. There's a lot to represent in this picture, and it's blummin difficult to fit it all in, especially in that over complicated detailed exciting way that it needs. As you can see the top rough was a splurge. Then I had a vision in my head which I thought was put there by a book cover for a Tom Sharpe book, but I must be wrong. I had a good look for it and it didn't show up, but there is one with a car whizzing on the front, so that might have been it. Anyone know of a cartoon of a car coming over a hill with a frazzled looking driver behind the wheel with his tongue hanging out, then give me a shout! Anyway, the second drawing [notice I've usefully numbered the frames but you can't read them unless you click on the image but that takes you to another page which means you can't read this text. Hmmm. What a dilemma? Personally I would open the image in another browser window and then you can see both, I can't find a way of getting blogger to do that, but if you know a way, let me know! Wow, homework.] is my rough of that vision, which I think came out of my brain without too much trauma. The second one is just tidying that up, I folded one half of the layout paper over the top of the original to make that one, you might be able to see bits of the other one through. Also notice on 3 theres a small thumbnail where I wondered if I had started going down the wrong route and whether actually like my original rough I saw the car flying through the sky vertically towards us. I may well return to that if this one doesn't work out! The fourth sketch is a straight trace of 3 with the 'stuff' added. Dragon's feet dangling down, lazers coming out of labs, marshmallows over head, giant socks int he road and a big load of snow covering the car. Phew. Happy with that sketch I started to draw it up neat, look see, number 5! Nah, I wasn't ready so that got abandoned and 6 came about. I did wonder about having the egg in the middle of the road and our snap shot illustration shows fractions of a second after the car has smashed through the egg. I kinda thought that actually puts the egg a bit too much in the centre of stage. So seeing the egg in the distance with a either a hole in it, or as I've drawn on the same pic [6] the egg smashed on the road but with skid marks by the edge of it where the car has skidded off road to avoid it. The marshmallow factory is annoyingly in exactly the same place as the marshmallow illustration which obviously is a NO NO, so this will probably swap places with the lab. Then however the marshmallows won't be coming over the car but across it, which I'm not happy with. How picky am I? Maybe I could flip the scene so the car is coming over the hill to the left, oh no, NO NO NO... I don't know, but you'll see the decisions in the next few days.

The image on its own at the bottom is the latest sketch, its traced from image 6 on the strip. I've expanded the area for the illustration to closer to the correct dimensions so I can fit everything in!

click on the image to see it bigger

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