Saturday, 18 April 2009


One of the hardest challenges for keeping going and drawing after work, or at weekends is procrastination. I mean, blimey I have to be one of the kings of procrastination. Well I thought I was until reading 'How I write' in Time Out magazine [which is basically an interview with various writers asking them how they go about writing] in which I found nearly all of them do pretty much everything there is to do other than the actual writing and come to that either at the bitter end, or do it for an hour and then do loads more stuff and possibly maybe if they can be bothered do a little later. Trying to keep going is hard, and to be honest I've been doing this for sometime. That's kind of where this blog comes in, it's to help me keep going. It's just as well I have got this blog to keep me going since my cats seem to do everything they can to get me to not do my drawings to either A) play with them or B) feed them. They know which ones they are.

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