Saturday, 18 April 2009


I really am spoiling you aren't I? Look how much effort I'm putting into titles now. More than I am putting into actually doing my drawings. Uh-oh. Not only have I put some effort into the title design but also you get a movie. YES YOU READ RIGHT, A MOVIE! I know. Towards the end of the movie you'll notice I changed my mind about the dragon's neck. It all seemed a bit cliche having a long curled up neck. It had been annoying me for a little while and then I decided to get rid of it and then redraw it.

Hopefully you can see how the dragon illustration was constructed. I think I rendered out about five maquette angles and finally decided on this angle at the last minute.

As the top picture of these 3 grouped pics shows, there were LOTS of false starts and working drawings for this illustration. I still don't think I've truely nailed it but it's a lot closer than any of those drawings were. The second picture shows the sketch which had me thinking EUREKA! I've found it. Then the third shows another false start where the nuances of the eureka sketch were completely lost and the dragon looks old and predictable, where as the eureka one looks motherly, sad, gentle, much more what I was after. Anyway, then we come to all the pictures you've seen in the movie. Last and by no means least is the final pic. Unfortunately I mounted the illustration on some board as it was getting tatty and it wrinkled up badly which shows on the scan :O( You still get the general idea.

click on the image to see it larger

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