Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I could see Toby the instant I wrote about him. A simple little lad [but not like that] with scruffy hair and stripey pyjamas. Not a very challenging character or original granted, but an engaging and straight forward one I hoped. Apart from a few simple variations I tried out in the very short design process he pretty much stayed the same as in my head. I found difficulty getting his age right. Too much leg and he looks too old, head too small and the same problem. On the grouped designs to the left my favourite was always the guy seemingly in clouds on the right of the bottom one. No I don't know why he was in clouds either.

Toby got a bit of a trendy fringe in the second design page here. Soon forgotten thankfully. I tried him with glasses too briefly but dropped them since he wasn't wearing them in my head. Maybe he has contacts. Who knows.

In the third drawing although he seemed very similar to the other designs I had done he looks too old. The main reason being the body is too long. Everything is too much in proportion. Yes I know our heads aren't that big, that would be crazy. But looking at the drawings below you can see what I mean. This is also partly to do with his facial experssion too and his hair cut.

In the final drawing as I said before the guy on the right as I said before is my firm favourite and one I went forward with in the rest of the layout designs. Notice the creepy looking lad at the bottom left with the goggly eyes. Blurgh, what was that about? Actually the guy next to him with a scrawl through him too isn't exactly the normalist looking guy either. Don't blame them I think it's more my fault than theirs.

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