Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Now, faced with pink and purple to illustrate, or actually sorry to first write about, well you might be able to think of lots of things that are pink that you don't like. Or purple that you do. I had a bit of a brain freeze and one thing wouldn't go out of my head, and that's poodles. Now I may have seen the odd [literally] pink poodle in my time, but they're not exactly all over the place are they, not even in Paris. So why that image should stick with me I don't know. I thought poodles and worms sounded quite good in one sentence if nothing else, and then when I thought of a homage to the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti eating scene but with worms, well, I was ready to begin scribbling. Now I wish I had hundreds of prep work to show [there might be a few margin scribbles] but really all I done was sit down and draw. That's it. I thought grapes might be a little boring just sat in a bowl so decided to have a nice vine instead. Then that seemed a bit boring too so I decided to make some of them have eyes and character. Well I mean, you would've wouldn't you? Anyway, the illustration I started after this one HAS got loads of prep work, or more like design work when I was half way through, I won't spoil the surprise, but I think I might have used at least a trees worth of paper on that one.

Don't miss the worm breadsticks though will ya!

click on the image to see the large version

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