Monday, 23 March 2009


Well this here Devil is as it happens. Not really sure why he should be so spotty since he is chomping his way through a whole picnic basket of chillies. I know representations of the Devil are usually some lithe little man or a charming sophisticated besuited fella and not usually a red brussel sprout with a moustache, but why go with cliche? I could hardly draw a nasty ghastly evil terror for a children's book now could I? Well actually of course I could. But then I don't believe in God or the Devil so what the heck. Anyway if the devil is supposed to be charming, why wouldn't he be slightly cute and be wearing flip-flops? Exactly. I mean you never hear of God being charming do you? Notice also the snail who appeared earlier on. He's not used to chillies as you can see. I think this straight forward fire out of mouth pose was inspired by Richard Condie's 'The Big Snit' There's a bit in that where his cat chews through the TV cable and gets electrocuted. Funny stuff, also check his film 'Getting Started' which looks at procrastination. Something we can all relate to even though we generally don't realise or admit to doing it.

I love the snail so much I dedicated a big fat picture of him. I have no idea how I'm going to incorporate him in the red half of the painting when I come to it. I guess maybe the fire from his mouth and the fact he's burning inside will give him a red glow in two different ways. Notice the soft texture of the rug and its lovely hemming. Aaahhh, I know my rugs.

On the Orange side I really couldn't decide what two things to have that are good. Then I thought, well, why not have every single thing you can think of that's orange. So I had butterflies and flowers and pumpkins [a homage to a failed piece of 'non-typography' I created at college 'Like typography before it was invented' said my tutor helpfully. Carrots and oranges as well of course and pride of place my cat Woody who alas when I drew this had been run over by a car and killed. Not actually while I drew it, but a few months before. So a nice little nod to that gorgeous little fella.

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