Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Ah look what I found, some more house drawings [or some of the ones you've seen but better quality. Well ok when I say better quality, I mean roughly the same quality as the ones before but bigger. Actually if they were the same size they would probably be poorer quality.] Anyway. Top image here is some sketches for the plans of the house. I needed to know where things were going to be. I think this might be before I decided to make a 3D model of the house. So having a plan would be a good reference for each drawing.

As you might have seen before I had a reference picture of the Weasley's house from Harry Potter well I decided to get that picture after drawings this house and wondering what it reminded me of. I soon decided against such a topsy turvy house.

The red drawing is pretty much as close as I was going to get to the finished article. I knew of a problem as soon as I'd drawn it though, the house just looks too big! I decided to increase the size of the features. So door bigger, windows bigger, etc.

The drawing below that was one of two A1 size drawings I did for it letting me explore bits and pieces a bit futher all on one page. I drift into the bedroom on that page too and look at some ideas for contents of that room as well. Most of the things I drew stayed. The shape of the bed though changed, it looks too grown up. Too square. So I changed the proportions of it and gave it a nice wooden bed frame too. Something slightly old fashioned, simple and timeless. After a few explorations about possible wardrobe design and toy box contents I created the 3D model maquette.

The first image is a wire frame, for those of you not knowing of the joys of 3D this shows how the model is constructed. There is absolutely no point in it being here, it serves no purpose, but people always put their wireframes up, so why not me? The second render* is using the cell shader setting which renders each object out as lines. I print these renders off and then use them on a light box, or with layout paper to base my drawing on. The final picture is a swanky [well ish] render* of the bedroom. Again totally pointless but it shows the model off well and solidifies the room.

Whatever that means. Talking of whatever that means...

*Render. So what does render mean? Well it means taking all that maths and all those settings for textures and lighting and stuff and making the final image. That's a really bad description of render, so I shall look it up and post the description here:

Rendering (computer graphics), the process of producing an image from a higher-level description of its components

oooh thats a good one. Also check out this link http://en.wikiped/wiki/Rendering_(computer_graphics)

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