Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Oh utterly damn blast and buggery chuff. I promised [did I promise, would I have been so bold?] to show you an illustration which had a lot of prep work and also, you know, show the prep work. But alas, and I'm not fibbing, I can't find the darn stuff AT ALL. If I manage to find it I shall upload it and update this posting. If not you shall have to take my word for it.

Anyway, the problem was basically everything but the witch, her broom and the lemons. In other words, the fairy, the rest of the tree and the marshmallows. Well at first I didn't know what to have as a good pink thing, then I thought of marshmallows. The fairy I have to say was AWFUL. I wanted her like a little plump cuddly thing, with a gap between her teeth. You know like the fairy in Wilo the Wisp. But try as I might it just didn't work. I liked the witch so much it seemed impossible to get the fairy to go right. IMPOSSIBLE I SAY. It must have taken me a month if not longer to get it right. I don't mean non stop. I mean dribs and drabs and sulks. Then I had a brain wave, the style of the fairy was working against the style of the witch, so why not draw it like they are sisters, or the same style as each other at least. So tracing the witch but into a cute version of the witch [and tracing isn't cheating when the thing you're tracing you actually drew]. Anyway, that solved the problem. But I wish I could find all the many versions of the fairy before the finished one.

The marshmallow dispenser strapped to a tree makes all the difference I think. Also notice how the fairy is toasting her marshmallows. Maybe think back to the dragon? Also the witch should have a list in her hand which is title 'Spell to eleviate a cold' or some such nonsense. Of course the ingredients will be lemons and honey!

Right, annoyed at not finding those drawings I'm going to finish here. No, don't complain.

click on the image to see the large version

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