Monday, 23 March 2009


AAAAAAhhhhhh! Sidney where have your eyes gone? Oh yes, I was trying out Sid shapes in paint.

I always saw Sidney as a paint splodge/stroke. I mean why not right? A paint splodge with eyes. Now there are other things that he needs to have about him, arms at one point, and he also needs to express emotions too. If he is jumping for joy then he can be a little splattering mark, which looks happy. If he's sad he can be a dribbling sunken splodge in a corner. I know on many occasions I've been a dribbling sunken splodge in the corner. Or was that drunken?

Anyhoo, he's a lovely little fella who's just a little confused with life. When it came to actually finding Sidney the character and then bringing that character out in paint splodges, well that wasn't so straight forward. Below are sketches for the character and a small cast of extras that appear with him. Hopefully you can tell the emotions that Sid is feeling in each sketch. Mostly let's face it ranging from happy to sad with maybe two stop off points between.

click on the image to see the large version

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