Monday, 2 March 2009


What a handsome chap eh? Poor purple monster, fell off his unicycle. Problem is if you're going to fall off your unicycle, don't do it in front of a load of easily humoured wild strawberries or they'll just sit there laughing their heads off and not give you a hand up and an elastoplast.

This is for purple and red. What?! I hear you cry, well each illustration is in two halves, one based on a colour. The monster is purple, everyone knows monsters are purple, and he's bruised, purple again.

Now those strawberries, well, I wasn't keen. So below you can see the new strawberries, traced off the originals and corrected. Notice also the fact these top two illustrations are blue? Well I found some leads for automatic pencils that were blue. I had the idea I would loosely sketch them and then go over in standard pencil after. But I liked the blue so much I went on with it. The finished article has been scanned in and desaturated obviously. Yes, it is obvious! The strawberries were cut out, then good all glue sticked into place. Once scanned the more obvious hard edge join was airbrushed out. Not very well I've just noticed on the final version at the bottom.

One odd thing about this composition that annoys me, but not enough to change it, is the hairline of the monster. Well not just the hairline, but the shape of it. It is the same shape as the grass behind it, and almost at exactly the same level! In the final picture the difference will be quite obvious, due to colour, BUT its just one of those annoying things that starts to whittle away at you until you feel the need to alter it. It hasn't quite whittled me away yet, hence it remains the same. But HOW ANNOYING?!

click on the image to see the large version

One thing you won't notice from this particular drawing, but you will notice once I've finished them is how the sky/sun/weather changes the colour of the sky in each picture accordingly with the colours represented in each drawing. Cunning eh? Bit of luck more than anything, I mean though you don't want a picture more or less being Orange apart from a bright blue sky now do you? Well I don't. You keep your choices to yourself. This is my blog.

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